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Dr. Maiden Name Will See You Now

Synopsis: Women doctors often decide whether to adopt a husband’s name after they have developed professional and personal identities with their maiden names. This article presents the results of a survey taken by women in the second-year class at Harvard Medical School regarding the use of their maiden names after marriage. Two nationally renowned doctors, [...]

The Most Common Illness: A Review and Case Study from Harvard Medical School

Synopsis: The average adult experiences two to five common colds each year. Summed up, people spend more than a year of life suffering from the illness. This article presents a brief report from an outbreak at Harvard Medical School followed by a review of what is currently known about the common cold. An emphasis is [...]

The Management of Stasis Dermatitis and Chronic Venous Insufficiency in Patients Refractory to Conservative Therapies

Synopsis: Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) is a common problem in primary care clinics, characterized by poorly functioning veins, leading to edema, skin changes, and even ulceration of the affected limb. Though conservative measures are often helpful, many patients ultimately require further intervention.

Preparing a New Generation of Clinicians for the Era of Big Data

Synopsis: As medicine becomes increasingly complex and financially constrained, it will be the responsibility of every clinician to understand and participate in the enterprise of extracting lessons learned from digitally captured patient care.

First (Expiration) Dates

Synopsis: Certain provisions in the ACA are expiring soon, and those expirations will create room for further policy debate. We present three cornerstones of reform in this context that these debates will need to address in order to be viable.

Post-ACA Healthcare Financing Reform: Vermont Leads the Way

Synopsis: The U.S. Third Party Payment system of healthcare financing is inefficient when compared to those of other developed economies. The Affordable Care Act, while further institutionalizing many elements of this system, also provides a mechanism for state experiments in systemic payment and care delivery reform, with Vermont leading the way.

Bridging Access

Synopsis: While the effect of the Affordable Care Act has yet to be fully measured, early results indicate legislation will not be felt on the ground, as certain populations still lack healthcare. In Miami-Dade and Dallas-Ft. Worth, for example, significant geographic and cultural barriers exist which prevent populations from accessing healthcare. This article examines the [...]

Lethal Injection and Medical Ethics: Physicians in the Execution Chamber

Synopsis: The advent of several recently botched executions has sparked debate over the practice of lethal injection in America. One interesting facet of this debate relates to the ethics of physician involvement in the practice. Here, a rule utilitarian argument against physician involvement based on patient consent is presented.

Too Much Sympathy for the Devil

Synopsis: Complementary and alternative medicines permeate health care today, yet undergraduate medical education fails to appropriately inform students of such therapies. Critical evaluation of CAM is necessary to produce well-informed physicians who are capable of providing evidence-based care.

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