Journal Scope

The scope of HMSR is intentionally broad. Medicine and health care involve diverse areas of scholarship and thought, and HMSR will be accommodating to most topics that fall within these spheres. This includes, but is not limited to, trends in biomedical research and technology, innovations in medical care delivery, debates in medical ethics, opinions on best health policies, and views of medicine and medical education from the lens of a student—a lens that is itself diverse.

Submission Types

(1) Articles: 1500-3000 words
      Primary research or literature review
      Abstract (max 250 words) and references required
(2) Commentary: 400-1500 words
       Opinion or perspectives on current healthcare issue
       References optional
(3) Artwork:
       Including digital artwork, drawings, paintings, photographs
       Please include description or interpretation
       May be published in association with relevant articles

Please refer to the author's manual for submission requirements.

Simultaneous and Previously Published Submissions

HMSR does not accept submissions that have been previously published or are currently under consideration at another journal.